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Thursday, 19 April 2012

City Girl

A return to recent postee Kevin Shields and a song from the soundtrack of Lost In Translation (which came out in 2003. It really doesn't seem that long ago). Lost In Translation starred Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray as a pair of Americans marooned in Tokyo. The soundtrack was pretty good, featuring two other Shields songs, Death In Vegas, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Phoenix, Air and Squarepusher. This song is full of overdriven and distorted guitar, sleepy vocals and the sense of waking up very slowly, disorientated, while an amp overloads in a nearby room.

City Girl


drew said...

The soundtrack was the best thing about the film. Never understood what all the fuss was about.

Have you seen the abomination that was the Reids and Johansson fucking up Just Like Honey, terrible.

davyh said...

Love the song/soundtrack/whole film, so lip my stockings.

Swiss Adam said...

Yeah, lip his stockings.

Love the song and the soundtrack, liked the film but haven't seen it for years.

Agree her duet with JAMC was neither's finest moment.

Simon said...

Lost In Translation is probably my favourite film of all time, apart from the ending. But I love Bill Murray, I can't name a film of his that I don't at least like.

LIT came out around the same time I met my wife, and both of us were either out all night partying or having those slightly strange after dark adventures, suffering from hangovers or suffering from insomnia. Add to that an age gap and the film made a lot of sense. Also, along with Virgin Suicides, a film that I may have watched under the influence of substances. Worked that way too.