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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Living Room

Apparently the remastered versions of My Bloody Valentine's albums are imminent. At least four years after they were first mentioned I think I'll believe it when I can actually pick up physical versions in a record shop. My vinyl copy of Loveless sounds pretty good but the cd versions of Loveless and Isn't Anything don't sound so good, so while I'm not always a fan of re-mastering maybe the MBV stuff will benefit from Kevin Shields tinkering and twiddling. There's also a cd gathering the e.p.s, B-sides and extra tracks which should be good. If it exists outside record company promo releases.

Kevin Shields has done numerous remixes. I've posted some of them. Here he remixes David Holmes and his track Living Room, first available on the David Holmes 'best of' from a couple of years back. Living Room was on Holmes' 2000 lp Bow Down To The Exit Sign, which I loved back then and looking at it now, reads like 2000 in a capsule- guest appearances from Bobby Gillespie, Martina Topley-Bird and Jon Spencer, found-sound clips from the streets of New York, funky instrumentals (69 Police), fuzzed-up Stooges style punk, and a mixed up stew of hip-hop, soul, rock and funk and little of the techno he made his name with. It's good and very of it's time. This remix, as you'd expect, is noisy.

Living Room (Kevin Shields remix)

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