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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Common People Like You And Me, We'll Be Builders For Eternity

I saw an old friend over the weekend and we sat up late listening to records and talking nonsense. We finished with this song, Book Of Rules by The Heptones from 1973. I've posted it before but said I'd put it up again for my mate A.N. so here it is.

If you don't like this, there is no hope for you- glorious vocal reggae, soaring chords and voices, a song that is far better than can ever be described.

Book Of Rules


davyh said...

Boss. I seemed to have missed it last time around, so thanks for re-postin'.

Mr A.N. said...

Thanks very much Ad. Just come back from an hour's 'exploratory drilling' at the dentist, a few hundred quid the lighter. Dentist says I need at least one more appointment, and that my tooth is going to hurt like buggery once the anaesthetic wears off. It's cold and pissing down. I also have a crazy amount of work to do. Somehow this seems just exactly what I need.

Swiss Adam said...

Dentistry is Medieval. Book of rules pt 2 coming up.