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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Cool And Deadly

I heard this while in London this week and it sounded as good as the day I first heard it twenty one years ago. If not better. In my mind St Etienne are one of the sounds of London. Here, with original vocalist Moira Lambert (above, the only picture I could find of her, someone from the video pictured), they get remixed by Bagging Area patron Andrew Weatherall. Dub splendour. Cool and deadly.

Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Dub Mix In Two Halves by Andrew Weatherall)


Stevo said...

Sorry to say, that's not Moira Lanbert either, it was just an actress involved in the video (might even have been somebody from another band?) this is Moira Lambert: http://www.moirasings.com/images/gallery/PA200110_large.jpg

Swiss Adam said...

Ta Stevo.
Sorry Moira.

Helen said...

Thanks Mister!

Batfish said...

I think that young lady in your picture was called Lucy, and she was one of my mate's flatmates. Her mum was friends with Bob Stanley. She was in the video because the actual singer couldn't appear for contractural reasons.

Swiss Adam said...

Wow- good knowledge Batfish.

bARREL~dEM said...

Lucy was a hottie!