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Sunday, 24 June 2012

England's Irie

Tonight England play Italy in the quarter finals of Euro 2012. The team has already surpassed expectations by not being total shite. At 7.45 tonight they will either be outclassed or turn this into one of English football's great adventures. And then lose on penalties.

At Euro '96, the last time they made a semi-final, Shaun Ryder's Black Grape provided an unofficial anthem- England's Irie. It is notable for three things; one, it's pretty good; two, Shaun performs a verse which goes 'I'm spectating, my wife's lactating, it's a football thing'; three, this was Joe Strummer's only Top Of The Pops performance.

E For England.


drew said...

I thought that this was terrible. At least it's not 3 fucking Lions

Anonymous said...

I thought this was ok. But I didn't know that about Strummer

dickvandyke said...

Just not up to scratch. Bit like the feckin' team.

Wilthomer said...

Despite being in a pub with 75 beers on draft it was unable to dampen my emotions on the criminal loss of the match yesterday!