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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Love Kills

Watching BBC 4's superb Punk Britannia three-parter reminded me of Alex Cox's not entirely successful attempt to film the story with his 80s film Sid And Nancy, which told the story of the Pistols and Sid and Nancy's demise. On the soundtrack was Joe Strummer's first solo effort, a 12" single called Love Kills. To be honest the song isn't entirely successful either but it has got its charms. Love Kills, like This Is England off  Clash Mk. II album Cut the Crap, is spoilt by the rudimentary 80s drum machine and lack of decent instrumentation despite Joe's heartfelt lyric and vocal. And I'm not convinced it was love that killed Sid and Nancy either. But the song is worth a look.

Love Kills


drew said...

Joe Strummer and Richard Jobson once did a documentary about dance music for BBC Scotland at the turn of the nineties. I wonder if it is on youtube?

I wasn't totally won over by Punk Britannia especially last night's episode.

Swiss Adam said...

I haven't watched last night's yet actually, due to England match.Thought the first 2 were very good. Seen at lot of it before but it's put together well and the talking heads are good.