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Sunday, 10 June 2012

PiLs, Thrills And Britneyache

I know mash-ups are dreadfully passe but I keep rediscovering ones in my d/l folder that I like- like this one where Go Home Productions does a very good job of mashing Metal Box-era PiL with Britney Spears.


The picture shows Yves Tanguy, French surrealist painter, shot by Man Ray, another oddly contemporary looking portrait. He wouldn't look out of place in PiL either.

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George said...

just back from a week's camping in France. Rain and gales, but 50% of us didn't mind. The Shock Headed Peters track was the same one I was listening too. Looking forward to catching up with a a week's worth of tracks. Will of course not be downloading and making cds. Absolutely not.