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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Way back in 1994 I heard this record late at night in a friend's flat after an excursion to a nightclub. It sounded great and I was already a Weatherall anorak with a mental checklist of records to get and tick off. Over the course of two sides of 12" vinyl (ten minutes per side) Andrew Weatherall noodles around and invokes the head-nod. It's very aimless, and really stoned, and doesn't go anywhere but goes there very nicely. Released in '94 this was Meek, a Weatherall pseudonym and tribute to Joe Meek, for this one-off, limited to 500 copies (I think), hardly any of which seemed to make their way northwards. As a result it became one of those holy grail records. I searched for donkeys, never getting even a sniff. Sometime around 2006/7 I discovered STX's standard setting Audio/Out blog and he very kindly obliged me with an mp3. A year or two later I got hold of a copy of the 12" off Discogs; not in especially good nick, but a real, actual copy. It had only taken me fourteen years. Was it worth the wait? Of course it was.

Glowing Trees Part 1

At the top is Pablo Picasso by Man Ray. Not used to seeing him with hair.


Anonymous said...

never knew about this. v excited

Swiss Adam said...

Can put part 2 up if you like. Its similar. But slightly different

Anonymous said...