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Saturday, 30 June 2012

How We'll Be Teased

Bob Stanley, Melody Maker, 1989 'Sweet Jesus, The Stone Roses have arrived'

Andrew Collins, The Word, 2012 'The Stone Roses may not have been the greatest band in the world, but they certainly felt like it'

Ian Brown, Heaton Park, 29th June 2012 'Where did it all go wrong?'

They didn't put a foot wrong last night. A few highlights.
The last five minutes of Fool's Gold- I could watch them play it for an hour- liquid, rolling, funky, beautiful.
Don't Stop- the backwards song, played sounding backwards, totally trippy and mesmerising.
This Is The One- perfect and sublime.
I Am The Resurrection- tumbling on and on.

They may have George Bested it first time round but they put themselves firmly back on the map as contenders last night. I'd go again tonight if I could.


Artog said...

I'm glad it was good. My Auntie Beryl lives right by Heaton Park, and my dad rang me last night to tell me that she said they we making a right racket.

bossman said...

Awesome! Check out the version of Fools Gold in Amsterdam, amazing!

Art dept said...

Saw them in germany last weekend, sadly had to back out of coming back for Heaton Park (i guess you saw josh? He had my ticket). They were top anyway, well worth the wait etc. They played the same sets so didn't miss anything, magic to see it, they sounded like i had hoped.