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Thursday, 14 June 2012


A Weatherall triptych this week, this one bang up to date. Get over to Soundcloud for Andrew's remix of Daniel Avery's Movement, the 12" vinyl of which dropped onto my doormat a few days ago. Avery is a young hotshot who happens to share Weatherall's studio complex/bunker. This is a slo-mo, echo and bleep laden affair. You can still buy the vinyl (I think) or download from Juno.

Today is also my daughter E.T.'s 9th birthday. She doesn't want a 'weird Weatherall song', preferring One Direction or Jessie J, but it's my blog and there are some depths I won't plumb.


George said...

Instead of Friday Rockabilly 50% of our household would prefer Jessie J or One Direction......

dickvandyke said...


Your dad is such a grumpy old sod sometimes, innit.

Make the world dance.

Mr A.N/ said...

Happy birthday to E.T. -with love. The prove you're not a robot mp3 is really freaky btw