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Monday, 18 June 2012

It's Instamatic And It's Full Of Flair

I haven't followed Super Furry Animals as closely as I should have but what I've got I love- the Welsh language lp (Mwng), the Play It Cool single and the Ice Hockey Hair ep especially. The lead track off Ice Hockey Hair is masterful shiny, psychedelic rock from 1998. Which is quite a long time ago now.

Ice Hockey Hair

Up above is Man Ray himself, who didn't have ice hockey hair.


Echorich said...

I've enjoyed a lot of SFA output, some of it has escaped me as well. But they rock in shifting, liquid, multicolor with the best of the post rock bunch.
The gem in Gruff Rhys canon is the Neon Neon album with Boom Bip. I can listen to this album everyday.

Swiss Adam said...

Never got round to hearing that one.