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Monday, 23 December 2013

This Is The Way I Always Dreamed It Would Be

1966, The Ronettes, with Phil Spector co-writing and producing. That's about it for words today. I've been partying/wedding attending/family gathering hosting since Friday night and feel a little bit out of sorts.

I Can Hear Music


drew said...

Fucking brilliant tune! One of my most treasured 7"s

anto said...

And need it be mentioned how incredible looking they were. I think it is needable.

My Da has the original Spector Xmas album on vinyl purchased from from a sailor who used to buy records in America and sell in Dublin Docks in the '60s. He only recently (in the last 5 years) revealed a collection of 7inches to me that nigh on brought a stroke 'oh yeah, uptight by steview onder, used to love that'. and the original runaway by Del Shannon worn to baldness.

he likes bruce sprigstein now. and bonny raite. still..no bad as Drew would say

Mondo said...

If you haven't - check out the version by The Breakaways. Blooming aces http://www.spectropop.com/BreakawaysMW/

george said...

Is it me? I only have access to a 5 second intro.!! I'll find it on Y**T**E and listen

george said...

Listening now...quality..