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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Way Fitter Than Billy Fury

It's December, season of credit and frenzied advertising. What better way to welcome in the month than with the umpteenth releas this year by York's Mark Wynn. Behind that glamorous cover shot lurks the same caustic wit, rapid fire delivery and acoustic punk setting. Who could resist a song called George Formby Breakdown? Or an album called Last Of the Real Rock Stars Is A Stupid Phrase- I Am Way Fitter Than Billy Fury Ever Was And I Don't Care What Anyone Says?

I have a bit of a hangover.


drew said...

You need a bottle of Irn-Bru and a Star Bar

Anonymous said...

If you have a hangover, does that mean "Nothing too wild" didn't happen?

Swiss Adam said...

It wasn't that wild at least not while I was there. I just have a bit of a hangover from drinking beer in Liverpool bars. Don't think I could handle an Irn Bru.

george said...

What about a Cremola-Foam? This music is quite amusing. Very amusing, actually.