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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Almost Prayed

A lot of the early Creation bands wore leather trousers. I guess it was semi-ironic- floppy fringed boys wearing rock's most rockist item of clothing. There is some dispute about who were the first- it's most clearly associated with The Jesus And Mary Chain and Primal Scream. Apparently though the leather trousered pioneers were The Weather Prophets, Pete Astor's post-The Loft outfit. I think that Almost Prayed is their finest moment. It's also one of Creation Records' finest moments and in fact one of the entire fucking genre of 80s independent guitar rock's finest moments. There are two versions, one the single and the other a re-recording for an album. This is the shorter 2.42 one and is perfect.

Almost Prayed


Echorich said...

I've always thought The Weather Prophets to be the quintessential Creation band. They so obviously belonged on the label unlike Primal Scream and Oasis who were just passing through in the end.

drew said...

She Comes From The Rain is a near perfect 80s pop song as well, a bit Lloyd Cole but really good.

"Everyone runs when the showers come"

charity chic said...

A new one on me and a fantastic song

Swiss Adam said...

Job done then CC!

ally. said...

fucking leather trousers. i wish they had be worn ironically but the silly sods were serious oh yes they were

Scott said...

As you say Adam, perfect. One of my fave songs ever. I done a wee post on this very track a few years back http://bit.ly/1bk4OmZ