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Friday, 3 January 2014

Towers Of Dub

It's all about the bass. I think there are times when I could sit back and listen to dub bass, on it's own, all day. If I got the chance. This Orb song, remixed by Mad Professor, is nearly fifteen minutes long and has all kind of samples and funny noises in it, and lots of lovely dub bass. Soak it up.

Towers Of Dub (Mad Professor Remix)


Walter said...

Fantastic song Adam - and you're right: Sitting down, relaxing and listen to the bass of a good dub song.

anto said...

going to the utd nations of dub fest in March in wales, so I am. me and my two mates will provide the 40+/fatty/irish ballast to otherwise spotty/skinny/packpackwearing italian student brigade that should make up the rest of the crowd.
Hope they have loads of green with them

drew said...

I was listening to the Blue Room and Loving You last night, both sounded brilliant.

Simon said...

Oh yes, gimme big bass.