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Friday, 24 January 2014

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 135

Evening all.
Rockabilly? Billy Adams and The Rock A Tones.
Drink? Think I will.
California or bust? California is a long way from here...

That's My Baby


Luca said...

Hello SA. Hope everything's ok. I've just put a can of Ceres Pilsner in the freezer. Twenty minutes there, thake it out just before it actually freezes, drink. Seems strange but it works.

Swiss Adam said...

Sounds ideal Luca.

george said...

...excellent song today. Is it straight from the 50s?

Swiss Adam said...

Yes George, 1950s- proper stuff

drew said...

Give me an extra large anything. Just been out for dinner with L and the kids both of whom decided it was the night to be belligerant gits!

Still it's payday!

I am in the process of listening to the JAMC vinyl boxset and I must admit to being less than impressed with the remastering of Darklands.

dickvandyke said...

Drew & The Beligerant Gits - album out on Monday.

I have a serious cold. No, really. Like a Snotfest. So am taking to ma bed with a tumbler full of Mount Gay rum.

Evidently, if you rub yer feet in Olbas Oil and then wear socks in bed, it solves ones bronchial gloopy phlegm - which can be then spatulered out in the morning.

drew said...

You need some green ginger in the rum Dickie

Swiss Adam said...

Can't believe anyone could mess up remastering Darklands.

I heard about that socks and olbas oil thing. Odd.