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Monday, 6 January 2014

Strawberry Wine

Oh dear, back to work. It's only when you have time off and actually relax that you realise how consuming your worklife is.

It's funny that My Bloody Valentine sounded like this in 1987- sing song and 60s and lightweight.

Strawberry Wine


george said...

Good luck, and remember that you must tailor that left-wing propaganda you're peddling to our youth so that it meets Goovey's latest dictat.

Echorich said...

I am a fan of Kevin Shields/MBV pre Loveless. Loveless is over worked and was over rewarded, in my opinion. I enjoyed it greatly when it came out, but it didn't survive the 90's for me and I have only re-listened to it again this year in anticipation of mbv and then after hearing mbv to hear the progression of the band. The songs that worked best for me were the ones which appeared on The Glider EP in 89. Soon is a baggy shoegaze/dance classic. Don't Ask Why harks back to those Strawberry Wine daze... And Honey Power from the Tremelo EP is so electric!
Isn't Anything is just a wonderful album. It laid the foundation for everything that would come after and has an immediacy missing from everything that came after it.
The Strawberry Wine Era on Lazy is important because the band began perfecting it's songwriting structures.
Prior to their time on Lazy the band ran the gamut of soft goth, 60's psych-out and post punk pop, all having their redeeming qualities.

Swiss Adam said...

Put better than I could Echorich