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Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Hills As Old As Time

I got the Made Of Stone dvd for Christmas, Shane Meadows' film of the Stone Roses reunion. The live footage is wonderful- Adored at Warrington, an epic Fools Gold at Heaton Park. This rehearsal room version of Waterfall is superb. Four men locked in and enjoying themselves.

On the bonus features disc there's a really good rehearsal of Don't Stop too from the same session somewhere in a barn in Cheshire, backwards guitar and everything. Plus the only known footage of Spike Island, with thirty thousand people bouncing up and down in the Mersey estuary, flares and hats flapping in the Widnes night.

At the time of it's release I couldn't see the point of an album of Roses remixes. It just seemed like Silvertone milking the cow even further and some of the songs just didn't appear to need remixing. But this Justin Robertson remix, with the vocals compressed and the guitar isolated above some early 90s beats and some xylophone sounds pretty good to me right now. Although is removing the best drummer of his generation from a remix a wise idea?

Waterfall (Justin Robertson Remix)

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