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Friday, 31 January 2014

Another Weatherall Mix Post

I saw this picture on the net recently, Weatherall shooting some pool back in the first half of the 90s. I've still got the magazine it appeared in (DJ Mag, Top 100 DJs article, although apparently the picture appeared first in Deadline), somewhere in a box with a load of other magazines from the time- the archive in the attic.

This is the first half of a five hour mix done for Ralph Lawson and legendary Leeds nightspot Back To Basics and is a mid tempo delight- all kinds of ALFOS style records, a re-edit of Bowie's Golden Years at the one hour seven minutes mark included. It's here at Ralph Lawson's Squarespace blog. It's a really long, slow groover.

Or, for a bang up to date mix, here's Lord Sabre live in Melbourne a few days ago- it goes all cosmic Oz and  kosmische. Very nice.

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