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Friday, 23 May 2014

Feel Your Heartbeat Close To Me

There's something about 90s rave that's really doing it for me at the moment. It lacks knowingness, it's not arch or referencing the past, it just is what it is. Breakbeats. Pianos. Massive vocals. Euphoria. Highs and lows. For people round here who are five years younger than me this is their clubbing music. That's not exactly a generation gap but it is a sign of how the music that hits you when you start clubbing is the one for you and a sign that for them, rave is their classic house/acid house/techno.

It's a curiously sexless type of club music, or at least not deliberately sexy. Despite the fact that clubs at this time were full of people who were semi-naked (blokes topless, women in fluffy bra tops and hotpants). I suppose it wasn't aimed at the groin but at the feet.

On Youtube a commenter has opined that this isn't rave but Commercial Happy Hardcore. No type of music split into mini-scenes, genres and  labels quite like dance music. I can live with Commercial Happy Hardcore. I may go into HMV in the Trafford Centre and ask for some.

This version, as Paul Bob Horrocks pointed out recently, is an ace piece of slow rave- ideal if you're after a spot of euphoria while washing the dishes.

I quite fancy listening to Baby D's Let Me Be Your Fantasy now.


C said...

I'm really enjoying this stuff (whatever one wants to call it!) retrospectively. I didn't appreciate it at all at the time, it sort of passed me by, just that bit too old for it to be my 'now' music and I could never have gone to a rave for that reason. I wish I had! (But we picked up a copy of Let Me Be Your Fantasy a charity shop just a couple of years ago and, yes, it's never sounded better!)

drew said...

I liked some of this kind of stuff at the time The Suburban Base label, Acen and the like but on the whole I found it fairly formulaic but I wasn't necking 3 or 4 ecces.

There is a brilliant version of this by Frightened Rabbit.


Swiss Adam said...

That is very brilliant Drew. Thanks.

londonlee said...

As someone five years older Acid/Rave marked the END of my serious clubbing days. I still went out dancing but found a lot of the music too trancey and the DJs too seamless in keeping that hypnotic beat going in waves. I missed songs and funky beats.

colin said...

well i'm 37 and the past couple of years i've been really digging my old skool (88-95)rave,acid,house whatever you want to call it, probably because i think that modern stuff is rubbish which is partly due to me being an old fart now, however last year i was diagnosed with cancer which thankfully i'm in remission now but during those long chemo hours i would listen to old mixsets from the Hac etc and yep those old feelings of euphoria and as we would say in glasgow, swedgered oot oor nut!did help put a smile on my face. i also thought that it will be wierd that my generation as such will be the first pensioners to be wanting a bit of bizarre inc played at the home!

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Colin. Glad to hear you're doing well and enjoying rave