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Friday, 30 May 2014

Here Comes Some Action

I got  a new bike for my birthday- yes, that does make me sound like I'm ten years old. It's a road bike, giving me an entire world of cycling jerseys and other bits of kit opening up. Mainly jerseys though and some of them are lovely. In a fit of velo fever I decided that as we were going to Sheffield for a few days I should cycle there while Mrs Swiss and the kids went in the car. South Manchester is pretty flat and the Snake Pass between Glossop and Sheffield is anything but flat and I fancied a go at a hill. The hill rising out of Glossop goes up to 565 metres (or 1680 feet in Imperial). And it's a fucker to ride up let me tell you. But the ride down is something else. I got a lift to the end of the motorway and then left the BP garage in Mottram on the bike riding through to Hunter's Bar in two hours and five minutes. My cycling app told me that I recorded my fastest speed so far (down that hill) and also my slowest (up that pigging hill). I would have ridden back yesterday but it was sheeting down.

While in Sheffield I heard this in a shop-Black And White Town by Doves, from 2005, and it sounded really, really good.


drew said...

Well done SA. My mate Stiff is right into mad cycling up north but his current obsession is going round and round the Velodrome in Glasgow. I will stick to the scooter

Echorich said...

I think that's my favorite Doves song.