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Sunday, 25 May 2014


I was listening to Julian Cope's Sunspots yesterday on Youtube and saw this linked in the sidebar- a full gig live from The Ritz in 1987 (NY Ritz I think rather than Mcr). Cope's mid-80s black leather clad pop period is brilliant. He could knock out classic songs and singles at the drop of a motorcycle hat. Sunspots is superb, borrowing a couple of 60s riffs, and adding a recorder solo, some great organ and his cool vocal delivery... 'I'm in love with my very best friend'. I'm sure if he put his mind to it he could still do pop hits today.

There's an hour's worth here including Sunspots plus, amongst others, Trampolene, Bouncing Babies, Spacehopper, The Greatness And Perfection Of Love and his 80s period anthem World Shut Your Mouth. Soak it up.


george said...

Listening to this is a great reminder of how good a writer he is. As you say, he can write some very good pop songs. Good stuff Adam.

Echorich said...

That was a great show...87-88 may not have been the best years for album releases from many of my favorites, but man could they tour!! New Order, Bunnymen, Cope, The Cure...all gave some really memorable tours that came through NYC over those years .

Scott said...

I remember seeing him live in the late 80's when he had that great mike stand that he could sit on and he was bashing out great pop song after great pop song.