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Thursday, 8 May 2014

There's A Hole In My Soul Like A Cavity

This time of year always brings me a strong sense of time whooshing by- we are a few days short of the GCSE and A level exam season starting, the end of the football season is imminent and another World Cup about to start, in two and a half weeks it'll be the May half term holiday, then the long downhill slope to July, the summer holidays. Another school year done, another year older, September and autumn... Then I have to slap myself and stop imagining the time away.

Hymn Of The Big Wheel

This song's combination of crickets, whale song, sonorous strings, the lazy breakbeat and Horace Andy's beautiful vocal was the perfect closer to Blue Lines and is a bit of a tearjerker.


davyh said...

How great is Blue Lines? I never tire of it.

Simon said...

Lovely stuff. It's weird, for me this time of year always feels like the start of the year. I kind of operate on summer season time, and shut down in winter.

My 'time running out' period is late September, when the evenings start getting darker.

Swiss Adam said...

Blue Lines is a contender for Best british album.