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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Big Day Coming

Big day today- child number two, our daughter ET, starts at secondary school, getting the bus on the main road, full uniform and bags, and all the kit and caboodle that comes with it. As a secondary school teacher I've seen thousands of children do this but it all seems a bit different when it's one of your own. On the bright side, she's confident, she's looking forward to it and she seems ready. Onwards and upwards.

Yo La Tengo have some great songs in their back catalogue, including this one, a slow, fuzzy song that packs a punch.

Big Day Coming


Dirk said...

Hah, i know the feeling! Little Loser started whatever the correct English expression for the school is which you attend after Kindergarden just two weeks ago. Seeing him entering the school bus all by himself nearly made me cry! He nearly burst with self-confidence though!!

george said...

I used to enjoy that huge enthusiasm that the Year 7s had when they started, but it was hard work. Sounds like your daughter is one of them.

Erik Bartlam said...

Mine too, though he's been at his school for a few years now. He's doing homework and taking spelling test now and thinks he's hot s---! He barely tells his momma bye now when she drops him off.

Love the song...love old yo la tengo. From a motel six will always be on my short list.

Swiss Adam said...

Oh yeas, From A Motel 6 is great.

All went well. She rated it 8 out of 10, which isn't bad. Especially after a slight mishap with the bus first thing.

drew said...

Glad she had a good day and I hope the enthusiasm doesn't wane too quickly.