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Friday, 5 September 2014

Satta Massagana

Satta Massagana is an old Ethiopian Amharic phrase, which translates straightforwardly as 'give thanks' or 'He gives thanks' but there seems to be some dispute on various internet pages abut the usage of it with some commenters saying it has negative connotations. When The Abyssinians wrote and recorded this roots reggae classic I would guess they're using it positively- the song, from 1976, is a beaut with off kilter horns, killer vocal harmonies and a riddim that has been worn to death by others. Magnificent. And also, if you're interested, Joe Strummer's favourite reggae song (and he borrowed the phrase Satta Massagana for the end section of Jimmy Jazz, off side one of London Calling).

Satta Massagana

This afternoon we are going to the funeral of our friend JG who died from cancer recently. To give thanks.

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