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Monday, 15 September 2014

Couldn't Do

Down in the basement, James Dean spends his Monday morning pondering his next vinyl selection.

The new Time And Space Machine remix compilation, The Way Out Sound From In, is rapidly taking over my stereo. Eight high quality Richard Norris remixes including Warpaint, Jagwar Ma and Temples that hang together really well as an album and take in a variety of sounds, from acid rock to Balearica to spaced out danciness. This is slow burning remix of New York's Cheval Sombre. Listen, enjoy and then go out and get the album.

Couldn't Do (The Time And Space Machine Remix)


drew said...

I have been debating over purchasing this for a couple of weeks. The debate is over, once the pay is in next week this will be purchased

Swiss Adam said...

The only debate is whether you spend a tenner on the cd or feel ripped off spending £20 plus for the vinyl.

Echorich said...

It's mind boggling how excellent Richard Norris' output has been over the last decade. Whether Time and Space Machine or Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, he really know's how to take a track on a "trip." I was first exposed to his current stylings with his Balearic/Trippy remix of Tracey Thorn's Raise The Roof in 2007 and Midlake's Roscoe. His rework of Temple's Mesmerise, Warpaint's Disco/Very & 2012's take on Saint Etienne's Heading For The Fair are ridiculously good!!!

Walter said...

What a fantastic sound, Adam. Thank you for introducing me into this. I'll go tomorrow to check out the vinyl.

drew said...

I'm only buying vinyl these days that's why the debate.