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Monday, 22 September 2014

Last Rose Of Summer

Yesterday was lovely, largely. The sun shone all day, in the morning I had a great cycle ride round High Legh and through Tatton Park. Later on we wandered round Knutsford town centre, poking around a few pricey antique shops, went for a cup of tea and some cake, sat in the sun for a bit. Some idiots* in Leicester town centre spoilt it a little but you can't have everything. The late September sun was making me wonder whether this would be the last really nice day of the year, as a sunny day at this time of year always does.

Then this song was linked to somewhere by someone- Last Rose Of Summer by North Lanarkshire's Delgados. A beautiful, fragile and quietly-noisy song. The Delgados made a bunch of fine records and were named after Pedro Delgado, Tour De France winner in 1988 and the 1985 and 89 Vueltas. No bandwidth so no download. This was from a Peel Session.

* Those idiots would be, in no particular order 1) Referee Mark Clattenburg 2) United's panicky, under equipped defence 3) Leicester's thug-in-chief Vardy 4) Dutch 'genius' Louis van Gaal who has splurged £160 million quid without noticing we have a somewhat leaky back four.


@tedloaf said...

Hey, hey, hey there Swiss Adam, one of those Leicester idiots was me! You or maybe Billisdead posted this last year or the year before and it popped into my head yesterday morning before I settle down to what I thought was going to be a trouncing. Sorry about that, it doesn't happen often in Leicester.


gullybully said...

Your summary is about right regards idiots in Leicester. I am also one of those idiots. Every team is going to try and bully that defence now they have seen Jamie Vardy do it and the Beeb highlight it quite so. There are many more capable in the premier league to do so.It may prove a long season for United.
Great tune and great blog.
Thanks for your endeavours.

Swiss Adam said...

I didn't say any of Leicester's fans were idiots chaps. Some of whom are friends and family.

Erik Bartlam said...

I have a song for you my man...I've only sobbed all weekend on one my shoulders so...the other is available.

Sounds like we had the same kinda weekend.