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Saturday, 13 September 2014


This new song from Peaking Lights came out in August ahead of a new album Cosmic Logic next month. On first listen I wasn't too sure- some of the swirling, dubby, kaleidoscopic parts of their sound have disappeared. This is more straightforwardly electronic, more 80s. It's growing on me now though.

Peaking Lights are one of those bands where I think the remixes are often better than the originals. The dub version of the last lp and the John Talabot remix of Beautiful Son are my favourites of theirs by a long way.


drew said...

I'm with you, on the remixes being better than the originals. It is as if they have built half decent tunes that just need that little bit more. What I would give to get that John Talabot mix on vinyl.

Have you heard the live Moon Duo album? Very good.

Swiss Adam said...

Not heard it no. Will have a look.