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Monday, 8 September 2014

Early Morning Rain

I'm going to ease myself into Monday with this sprightly Richard Hawley cover of Early Morning Rain. The song was written by Gordon Lightfoot, a hit in 1966, and has been covered by many, from Bob Dylan to Elvis to Neil Young to Paul Weller. In the song, the narrator stands at a wire fence watching a Boeing 707 take off, taking someone far away. This mood seems about right for a Monday morning in September.

Early Morning Rain

Thinking about it now, with some time distance between us, I vastly prefer this Richard Hawley to the grungy riff monster of his last album.

Now I want to hear the fragile post-acid trip comedown Hawley of Can You Hear The Rain, Love? from the Late Night Final album which may well be the best, most beautiful thing he's ever done.

The richness of his voice, the lyric and the musical box melody set off against that hum and throb noise underneath is stunning.


drew said...

The Weller version of this is my favourite, strangely!

Walter said...

The original by Gordan Lightfoot is my favourite. I love his sombre voice singing his songs.But I love to hear Richard Howley as well SA. Thanks to bring this version to me.