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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Crystal Clear

I logged into my Boxnet account yesterday to upload Crystal Clear by The Grid, one of those ace 90s dance tracks with a dub-techno beat and acid squiggle, and found that I have used 1654% of my bandwidth for this month. Which is well over ten times what I usually use. Which was a bit confusing. I skimmed through my files to find that Ohm's Tribal Tone (Sabres Of Paradise Remix) had been previewed over 7000 times. Which is about 6970 more times than even my most popular downloads get downloaded. So I don't know what's happened there. But my bandwidth for the rest of September has now gone tits up. Very strange.

Crystal Clear


Dirk said...

I have the same trouble for the first time ever, albeit with just 137%. Do previews really count or is it downloads? Or a mixture of both which results in the percentage amount? And: do I understand it correctly that from October 1st on everything should work again automatically?

Swiss Adam said...

It'll be your mammoth John Peel post that's knackered yours Dirk. It resets on the 1st of the month (USA time). I don't know if it's listens, dls or combined. But to go 1600% over is mad. I'm wondering if mine got hit by some spambot or something. Can't imagine why 7000 people would suddenly all want an obscure Weatherall remix.

george said...

Enjoyed this track today, Adam. Am listening now to a differnet mix I found