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Saturday, 6 December 2014

For A Life That's Fit For Living

Good morning Britain.

This 1990 Aztec Camera single is a real favourite of mine. Roddy wrote this state of the union address and realised it sounded so much like a Big Audio Dynamite tune that it would be rude not to ask Mick Jones to join him. This mix from the single isn't too different from the original version, adding some strings.

Good Morning Britain (Julian Mendelsohn Mix)

Norman Cook did a mix which reconstructed it a little and added a touch of 808. It could be described as polite acid (but could have gone so much further).

Good Morning Britain (Morning Acid Mix)

The main message of the chorus, after four verses dissecting each of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, seems just as relevant today as it did twenty four years ago...

'The past is steeped in shame
But tomorrow's fair game
For a life that's fit for living
Good morning Britain'

Say no to Farage and the small minded Little Englanders. Vote Frame and Jones.

The video is a real period piece.


drew said...

Was more than slightly awed when Mick Jones came on stage at the Barrowlands for this at the time. The girl I was with asked who Mick Jones was, it was then I had the "she cut her hair and I stopped loving her" moment".

Anonymous said...

Comment of the week
Swiss Adam

Brian said...

Funny. Just pulled this 12" out yesterday. It had been years. Hilarious, Drew.