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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Meanwhile In The Real Pop Music World

I had a conversation with a colleague at my works Christmas do who didn't know who Joe Strummer was ('oh yeah' he said when I told him Joe was in The Clash, 'they did that song I Bought The Law didn't they?' I think I did an actual facepalm). I looked at my 2014 List as I was typing it and thought 'is this deliberately obtuse?' So today I'm doing music from the real world in 2014.

Hideaway by Keisza is ace, with that massive early 90s bass drop and one take video.

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to find something about Pharrell's smash Happy not to like. Except that you may have heard it once too often by now.

And here's yet another class Beyonce tune (shame about the silly Jay Z rap in the middle which adds nothing and actually detracts from the song). This came out at the tail end of 2013 but I've heard it repeatedly this year and always enjoy it.


charity chic said...

Swiss Adam-down with the kids,

Erik Bartlam said...

Hideaway...I love it.

My own tastes are compartmentalized. I spend hours on the road and I'll usually spend at least a little of that time with hit radio.

Right now I'm The Man by Aloe Blacc (I think) is me and The Boy's theme song...you can go ahead and tell everybody that.

BUT...if I hear that Happy song one more time I will puncture my own eardrums with a door knob.

Echorich said...

Not far off SA... I really enjoy that Kiesza track and have it on a couple iPhone playlists. Best thing about Happy by Pharell is how globally infectious it got.
I am a card carrying Pop fan, otherwise how would Kylie make my year end list the last 3 yrs in a row...

george said...

...Happy is simply a fabulous pop song.

londonlee said...

1989 is a terrific album