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Sunday, 14 December 2014


I haven't finished my 2014 list yet- apologies for the tardiness, I know you're all waiting eagerly for my annual run down. As a sort of pre-list, a bowl of soup before the main course, here's a list of Andrew Weatherall's best remixes of 2014. A top nine (to the best of my knowledge there have only been nine remixes this year, which makes 2014 a bit of a quiet year for Lord Sabre). The links will take you to either Youtube or Soundcloud. I can't give away nine downloads in one post. Disappointingly to date only two of these have had a vinyl release, another two are available on cds. The internet only remix trailer is a sign of the times.

9. Primal Scream 'Goodbye Johnny' Andrew Weatherall's Nyabinghi Noir Mix
Dark and unsettling, stripped back with a sax and guitar stabs.

8. Noel Gallagher 'In The Heat Of The Moment' Andrew Weatherall Remix
Big and with bells. Noel arrives briefly at four minutes in.

7. Blue Rondo a la Turk 'Klactofilthedstein' Andrew Weatherall's Mixling
Techno remodelling of 80s jazz-funk. Better than that sounds.

6. She Lies 'Needed You' The Asphodells Remix
Lovely electro remix of Berliners. 

5. Atari Teenage Riot 'J One M One' Andrew Weatherall Remix
Arpeggiator set to full, long and well worth it.

4. Richard Sen 'Songs Of Pressure' The Asphodells Remix
Stoned dub. 

3. Group Rhoda 'King' The Asphodells Remix
Digital dub. 

2. Sam Roberts Band 'We're All In This Together' Andrew Weatherall Remix
Insistent drum machine, long with some gorgeous keening sounds.

1. Dayglo Maradona 'Rock Section' Andrew Weatherall Remix
Nine minutes fifty three of bliss, taking Julian Cope's fictional baggy band and sending them home.


mike said...

4 x vinyl.
dayglo maradonna, sam roberts band, richard sen and she lies.
but 4 out of 9 is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike- I've got the She Lies and Dayglo 12"s. I didn't know either the Sam Roberts Band or Richard Sen were out on vinyl. I've been searching for the RS one fairly frequently too.
Swiss Adam

mike said...

the sam roberts band 12" was a rsd 2014 exclusive. limited to 600 (quite a lot in these times)
hard to get in europe.
check discogs - 8 available right now
the richard sen 12" is white only at the moment and gets a full release end of december (afaik)
the primal scream remix is part of the jeffrey lee pierce session project and available on 2x12".

5 out of 9 - still not enough