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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Out Of The Black

This is a bit good and thanks to Echorich for the tip off- a remix of Out Of The Black from Neneh Cherry's excellent album Blank Project. The songs on the album are really stripped back and percussive, Neneh's singing blues and jazz influenced. This remix by Hot Chip's Joe Goddard puts some clubby sounds and dynamics into it, alongside Swedish popstar Robyn.

And tying recent postees together neatly, in this Big Audio Dynamite video for C'mon Every Beatbox, Neneh Cherry busts some moves and cuts some rug. I always love the way Mick and Don sing alternate lines in this song (and there's a guitar solo pinched from Jimi Hendrix). Surely this was where Roddy Frame got his inspiration for Good Morning Britain from too.


Simon said...

That Neneh Cherry album is in my top albums of the year. Really want to listen to this remix now!

Did not know Neneh was in that BAD video though. I love that song. And Neneh. Lovely Neneh. Fan since the early 80s. Go search out Float Up CP if you haven't already. Joys Address from that is one of my all time favourite singles, but the whole album is great, and still sounds 'current'.

gullybully said...

Loving all the B.A.D stuff. They were my first musical love as a boy. As ever the blog is great. Thanks

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Simon - the Float Up CP is stuff is good, new to me and does sound current.

Echorich said...

Neneh Cherry is a true firebrand. Whether dancing or singing, she managed to find her way through lots of Post-Punk and into the emerging British Dance Scene. Now she is paying tribute to the fractured Jazz and Funk of her father Don Cherry and still on top of her game.
Love her work with Float Up CP as well as Rip Rig And Panic.