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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Blackpool Rock

Today I am cycling from Manchester to Blackpool, an organised annual event. Fifty five miles starting from Old Trafford and then heading north around Wigan and Preston and then west towards the Paris of north-west England. The last few miles are often done into a headwind coming  in off the Irish Sea. Something to do isn't it?

Blackpool's John Robb has reformed his 80s post-punk group The Membranes and they've released a very well received fourteen song lp Dark Matter/Dark Energy- a punky, angular, krautrock influenced concept album, about the creation and continuing expansion of the universe (also affected by the death of John's father while recording it).

Do The Supernova.

Technical advice anyone? I've got two Boxnet accounts for your d/l pleasure. Both have exceeded 100% bandwidth and neither have reset themselves to zero this month. Usually they revert to 0% on the first of the month but they haven't. Anyone know why?


charity chic said...

Everyone appears to be having the same problems with Box Adam.I've been creating new accounts but that can't go on forever. Time to explore alternatives.I suppose I'm waiting to see what others come up with

drew said...

How did the cycle go?

I haven't had a problem with Box but I have a subscription which was extremely cheap when I started the blog and hasn't increased since.

Anonymous said...

Cycling was good, just under 4 hours but the last stretch along the coast was hard work.

Suspect box want to push me to pay for their service
Swiss Adam

george said...

I think BOX are just not resetting in order to get us to pay. Some people use ZippyShare, and The Robster suggested a few alternatives at I think CCs place a few days ago. That's not really much help, is it? That cycling sounds hard work - I took the larger dog for a couple of long-ish (to me) walks today, about 6 km, and that was hard enough.

The Swede said...

55 miles in the saddle? Blimey, I feel uncomfortable just thinking about it. Well done.
I've heard the Membranes tune a few times on 6Music and I'm liking it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Swede
Swiss Adam