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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Moine Dubh

Andrew Weatherall's new folk influenced record label Moine Dubh is open for business. The vinyl-only subscription cost is £50. This gets you five 7" singles, released monthly starting in September, working out at a tenner a single. The record label was launched in London last month with the various artists playing live. A recording of this event, an hour and half long, is below. Dark, electronic-flecked folk from the dusty corners of the minds and imaginations of Andrew Weatherall, Nina Walsh, Franck Alba, Fireflies, Echowood, Dani Cali, Lowroad and Barry Woolnough.


sevoid said...

Weatherall and Johnston doing their ALFOS shenanigans at Antwerp Mansion on 1 Aug,if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

I always seem to miss ALFOS in Manchester. We'll be on our holiday on August 1st. Ta anyway.
Swiss Adam