Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Friday 3 July 2015


Leicester's eightpiece experimental outfit Echolocation return with their latest recordings, a seven track album called Softer. There's nothing softer about their approach though- their songs have a tendency to start slowly and build, layering cello and trumpet on top of the guitars, bass and the swinging drums. Over all of this vocalist Pete tells tales, utters controlled rants and vents spleen (Kasabian getting in the neck this time).

There's some complex and dense arrangements going on here, but the production is skillful, allowing everyone space and time to unfold fully. They've got some internet press with this release and a review from no less than Mr Luke Haines, who tweeted 'Nae bad. Good singer n lyrics.Loose indie drumbeat/jamming. Construct crit. Echolocation crap name. Name is everything. But its good'. Praise indeed from an Autuer and Black Box Recorder. Buy it at Bandcamp for only five of your pounds (or for ten pounds a limited edition cd with a hand made furry cover).


george said...

I'm just going to Bandcamp now to buy this!

The Swede said...

Like a polite, more southerly Fall. Quite splendid, though the moniker is a bit iffy.
Wait for me George!