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Wednesday 1 July 2015

No Big Deal

I've been listening to the new Crocodiles album a lot, especially the superb single Foolin' Around (posted a week or two ago). Good fun. But all the while there was something about Foolin' Around that I couldn't put my finger on, it really reminded me of another song. And then I worked out what it was...

No Big Deal

No Big Deal was a 1989 single by post-Bauhaus offshoot Love And Rockets. If you image search Love and Rockets you get many more returns for the Hernandez Brothers comic book than you do for Daniel Ash and co.

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Echorich said...

Well spotted SA! As for those Hernandez Brothers comics, I probably have 30 or 40 issues. I remember in interviews, back in the day, that both the band and the brothers had a healthy respect for each other.