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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Born Under Punches

An extra post for Saturday. David Byrne is sixty four today. Sixty four! This performance by the expanded version of Talking Heads in Rome in 1980 is astonishing. 'Fuckin' nuts...next level shit!' as one Youtube commenter has it.


Anonymous said...

I heard that Talking Heads were reforming. That would be ace. It was in the guardian do must be true

Echorich said...

Talking Heads were on fire in 1980. Releasing the genre busting Remain In Light and going out on tour in this expanded version, there really wasn't anyone else who could touch them. I got to see them in Central Park that year and although the ice skating rink they played at held maybe a few thousand, the entire surrounding area of the park from 5th ave to Central Park West was filled with a frenzy of fans. It was simply amazing. I'm afraid I lost a good deal of interest in TH when they finally got around to releasing Speaking In Tongues three years later. They were once a band I considered infallible, but Remain In Light was hard to live up to.