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Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Adrian Sherwood did a superb remix of Why Why Why by The Woodentops, dancefloor and dub friendly. It was on The Woodentops Imaginary Compilation Album series over at The Vinyl Villain at the start of April. Rolo McGinty's group usually get referred to as indie-dance pioneers and that seems to be true enough, although their indie-dance sound doesn't really sound anything like what the phrase 'indie dance' summons up. They crossed over to the Balearic scene in the mid-to-late 80s, the fast acoustic guitars and experimental nature of Why Why Why moving feet and minds. This Tony Johns and Dave Boreham version sounds really fresh.

Why Why Why (Balearic Re-edit)


strictlyrockers said...

Great stuff – spread the Woodentops love SA!
There is, apparently, a new remix EP imminent
Can't wait

– strictlyrockers

Simon said...

Couldn't remember what the Woodentops looked like,but I remembered that guitar. God the days when almost anything was getting played, seems like such a long time ago. Those days were quite an influence. After my fairly rigid rules on listening during my teens that was so liberating. Has stuck with me ever since.

Simon said...

oh and by the way, happy belated birthday, work had me too busy for internet. Hope you had a good one.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Si.