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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Apple

I got back into A Man Called Adam's debut album a few weeks ago and some of its songs are really sticking with me. I'm not sure it's a full lost classic and it did seem a bit underwhelming when it came out back in 1991 but I think it's got a lot going for it- maybe it's just where my musical head is at right now. Barefoot In The head is an undeniable Balearic classic and Chrono Psionic Interface is a trippy treat too (plus those outstanding Weatherall mixes). The whole album is a brave attempt to pull all those hippy-acid house Ibizan vibes together. Bread, Love And Dreams calls for some kind of revolution as the sun goes down at the Cafe del Mar. Midieval has a lovely groove and Righteous Life is a beauty too, the Roland 909 thumping away as Sally sings her heart out. Opener and title track The Apple is my current one to go to- starting out with street and traffic soundsand the bass drum, the synths join in and then the vocals start with 'pick up the pieces of your day'. Stabs of synth strings add some drama and arms are raised aloft as it builds, full of early 90s optimism, positivity and warmth. The vinyl ended with Barefoot but the cd release added the chart aiming single I Want To Know. You might have a copy filed away unplayed for two decades. If not you can pick up  a copy second hand pretty cheaply. It's probably at the download store of your choice too. Worth revisiting I think.

The Apple


drew said...

I think I will get my copy out, give it a good clean and fire it onto the turntable this weekend.

Michael Doherty said...

Is that a still from "A Short Film About Chilling"? Haven't seen that for a while. Must relisten to this, as I was the same as you and always thought there was a lot of filler on the album.

Swiss Adam said...

Michael- yes, it is. Cracking piece of film, worth watching again.