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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Romeo Romeo You Gotta Have Your Say

Just to prove this isn't solely a dance music blog here's one of Big Audio Dynamite's clubbiest songs. Hmm, maybe this has become a dance music blog. The Bottom Line is arguably the highest highpoint of the debut album and the 12" mix, all eight minutes forty seconds of it, shows exactly how far Mick and B.A.D. were moving on from the wreckage of The Clash. It's worth bearing in mind that Joe's Clash Mk II put out Cut The Crap at the same time. On the 7" and album versions the song fades out with Mick singing 'Let me take you to, let me take you to, Part Two'. The 12" mix follows through with the second half. At just past the five minute mark the beats toughen up at bit, Mick raps about Romeo and the whole thing continues with that juddering bassline and a joie de vivre that make it irresistible. The lyrics in the first half are great, full of catchy one liners, 'dancing to the tune of economic decline' and that brilliant use of the 'the horses are on the track' sample. There were multiple versions of the single, including a U.S. one with a Rick Rubin Def Jam mix. But this is the one. Taken from the UK 12" release, it has never been re-issued or released digitally or on cd as far as I'm aware, which is baffling, because it's the version of this song that you really need.

The Bottom Line (UK 12" Mix)


Dubrobots said...

It's been days since you've featured B.A.D on here, come on, you're slacking

I don't agree that this is the highpoint of the first album (Medicine Show,E=MC2 or A Party for me), but it's right up there, and this is definitely the version to go for. Fantastic stuff, never fails to make me smile

The Swede said...

Well said Adam. Whenever I see a mention of BAD anywhere in our little corner of the blogosphere, I feel duty bound to bang on about the general unavailability of the full length 'Bottom Line'. And I always say full-length too. For me, the album/single version is merely an edit.

Anonymous said...

Dubrobots- it was March the last time BAD featured here. Slack in the extreme. And rating versus Medicine Show or E=MC2 is a bit pointless isn't it, I 'love 'em all equally.
Swiss Adam

Echorich said...

Have to agree, the UK 12" is the mix you must have.