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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Metal Dub

Death In Vegas have a new album called Transmission out very soon. DiV mainman Richard Fearless has moved back towards the backroom techno/acid area in the last couple of years. 2014's Gamma Ray single was an intense delight, 808s aloft. At the end of last year Fearless put out a song called Metal Dub which I think is going to be the opener on Transmission. It sounds like metal dub.

This remix by DJ Richard is a stripped back version with a kind of low key euphoria finishing with some lovely drones. Stunning.

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Michael Doherty said...

Listening to "Transmission" at the moment and I've just reached the halfway point, got to say I'm very impressed. Best thing I've heard from them in a long while. The title to track 6 "Sequential Analogue Memory" pretty much sums it up. Excellent stuff! And yep, Metal Box is the opening track.