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Wednesday, 11 May 2016


I've got two fairly obscure remixes from the minimal techno/electro days of Two Lone Swordsmen for you today, both rediscovered in the last couple of weeks. The first is typical of Weatherall and Tenniswood's sound in 1997, a remix of Kingston by 4AM (released on a Glasgow Underground sampler). Nine minutes long, the beat is stiff and unchanging but over the top all kinds of sounds are allowed to come in and out, some of the sub-aquatic and ambient Swordsmen sounds, some Detroit influenced stuff and also what sounds like a flute. Back in 97 I was a bit non-fussed by this one but right now I like this machine funk headnodder a lot.

Kingston (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)

Also from 1997 is this remix of Clarisse C, a track by The Money Penny Project (as far as I can tell the recording name for French dj and producer Benoit Bellini). This is a funkier affair, all twelve minutes of it, twisting and turning, constantly led forward by that drum machine. Takes you out and then brings you back in again.

Clarisse C (Two Lone Swordsmen Double Mutator Mix)


George said...

I'm trying to listen to this, but the person next to me is going on about Art Installations and You're All Going To Die. Good god.

Swiss Adam said...

Ambient conversation not improving things?

Anonymous said...

Don't remember these.

thewalker said...

Kingston reaaaaaly is a head nodder. Can't walk past The Money Penny project without noting that the quiet bits in the rather fun AFX always make me think of Smokebelch - in a very subtle way.

My mates can't hear it - but it's in there, bassline driven:

Swiss Adam said...

Kingston still making my head nod a month after posting it