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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Keep The Lantern Bright

It seems like it's all going to pot at the moment. Maybe Joe Strummer has some answers...

Sandpaper Blues

This is one of those Joe and The Mescaleros songs where the band play three or four musical styles simultaneously and effortlessly (hand drums, African chanting, cowboy music...) and which reaches outwards, out into infinite variety of the world.

'It's gonna boom Mariachi
This really fine piece of madera
And this will be the counter
Of the Pueblo Tabacalera
Shape, it up, shape it up, shape it up, shape it up
All around the world

Oh, this keel could save a life
When the storms hit the Pacific
To make it really true
You really gotta be specific

Keep the lantern bright
Keep food upon the table
If you shape it well tonight
As well as you are able'


The Swede said...

I've turned to Joe's words a lot over these past few days of anger, resignation and despair. Greed, it ain't going anywhere. Without people you're nothing.
Missing him more than ever.

drew said...

I don't think anyone has any answers SA, sadly. I've been in Belfast the past two days and nobody here can believe it either and keep saying to me, "you'll be alright you are going to be independent," which ain't gonna happen.

Brian said...

You can find many answers in the Book of Joe.