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Saturday, 13 April 2019


One of last year's best singles was Amy Douglas' Never Saw It Coming which came with a very smart remix by Crooked Man. In a record shop the other week I found Crooked Man's album, Crooked House, which I missed last year. Crooked Man is Richard Barratt, a man who has been part of Sheffield's music scene since the early days of Cabaret Voltaire, playing house music in the early days and at the start of bleep 'n' bass and was a member of All Seeing Eye. He has recently returned to the fray and made an album.

The nine songs on Crooked House are all aimed at shaking the walls and sending dancers to the floor, nine songs with vocals and verses and choruses (and if that sounds trad the music definitely doesn't), big scuzzy basslines, songs that gather in intensity. It's out on DFA. Try this one for size, with a naggingly great vocal refrain and a bleep running though it, it's likely to get you up and moving- yes, even at our age.

Long Time Dead

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