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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Some Music To Assist With Your Rituals

Not one but two Andrew Weatherall mixes for Sunday, three hours of solid gold listening on a bank holiday weekend. The sun's out too, in celebration.

On Friday night Weatherall sat in for Iggy Pop at BBC6, two hours of records starting with his own remix of Meatraffle's Meatraffle On The Moon (a spacious dub affair in the WRF/Fort Beulah territory he's bene exploring recently) and then taking in The Dream Syndicate, Curses, Ghost Culture, some new voodoo from Woodleigh Research Facility (about thirty minutes in) and much more besides. A Mix of Three Halves- the tracklist can be found here.

Weatherall 6 Music 230819

The second mix is an offering ahead of the Convenanza festival held in Carcasonne in late September, trailed with the line 'Acid house is a Dionysian response to both the pain and joy of living. With this in mind I have compiled some music to assist with your rituals'. This is an excellent hour long trip, with a few turns along the way, peaking with some Rude Audio at around fifty minutes.


The Swede said...

The 6Music show was terrific. Looking forward to checking out the Convenanza mix.

keepingitpeel said...

"Monsieur ! With this Whale Alert you are really spoiling us !"

drew said...

The last track The Weatherall one, I hope will be getting a release and the Frobisher Neck track was the find for me.