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Thursday, 17 February 2011


Another track that's come from Andrew Weatherall's 6 Mix record box (which is where half the new stuff I hear comes from these days). This one is from the show he did last Sunday night. In the last half hour Weatherall played his customary 30 minute disco mix, where we were treated to a Weatherall remix of Alice Gold, his own cover of AR Kane's A Love From Outer Space (original featured here last summer) and his remix of this- Stratus by Pablo. There's almost nothing about Pablo from a cursary internet search other than he's actually called Michael Hunter, is from Glasgow, has released this single through Soma, and it's 'cosmic synth dub disco'. It's very good cosmic synth dub disco too. If anyone knows anything else, please write in, usual address, no prizes though it's just for fun.


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