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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Johnny, You're Too Bad

The Slickers, a three part vocal reggae group, found some fame and attention when this song, Johnny Too Bad, appeared on the soundtrack to The Harder They Come in 1972. The song criticises Johnny and the rude boys for the shooting and knifing and making the women cry, while also managing to glamourise him and his lifestyle. Either way, this is a great song.

11 Johnny Too Bad.wma


Simon said...

One of my favourites; even UB40 couldn't put me off it. Got a John Martyn version too.

I always put it on back to back with Stiff Little Fingers version of Johnny Was.

swiss adam said...

Never heard the John Martyn version. Will have to have a look for that.

Simon said...

It's on Grace And Danger, it's a pretty decent versh.

drew said...

Simon, it is better than pretty decent.