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Monday, 7 February 2011

It's For You

Sticking with Manchester in the 80s this is former Buzzcock Pete Shelley with his 1983 'hit' (number 66 with a bullet) Telephone Operator. Post Buzzcocks he dumped the breakneck guitars for a more electronic sound, with guitars. In this creepy little song Pete expresses desire for the person at the switchboard- 'telephone operator, you're my aural stimulator, phone you up an hour later, you're all I'm thinking of'.

Telephone Operator.mp3#1#1


John Medd said...

From probably his most creative period. Seeing The Buzzers now is just heartbreaking. He and Diggle just don't look right anymore.

Mondo said...

This and Homosapien are knockouts - I met him a few years back, he was so drunk I couldn't understand a single syllable

swiss adam said...

I posted Homosapien way back, great single.